Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don’t make it into the Twitch Partner Program?
We will go over the reason for denial and your statistics to figure out what is missing in terms of growth. Depending on how close you are we may extend our services for an additional month.

Couldn’t I just buy the 100 viewers service for $120 each month and get Partner myself?
Absolutely! However, without proper guidance you may hit a wall. We mentor and push you through every month. Our additional servers attached to the partner service give a much higher chance of getting accepted.

What happens if my twitch gets banned?
If your twitch gets banned, it is due to your actions outside of our service. Our services are safe and our viewers are legit. Some of our viewers have twitch badges. You will 100% not get banned or penalized from our services.

I can’t stream anymore, can I get a refund?
Unfortunately not. We do not offer refunds if you have to stop streaming. We will only offer a partial refund if we expel you from our program.

I’m under 18 y.o. but would like to pursue a streaming career. Can I still join?
Yes, but we will have to talk to your parents or guardian first to make sure you’ll be able to meet our streaming requirements.

Can I still be successful if I don’t play the games listed in the “Success Rates” ?
For sure! We will look at the games you like to play and determine what is necessary to succeed in that genre!

Can I gift viewers subs, or can the viewers receive subs?
Yes you can gift them subs. It is rare that they will receive a gifted sub though.

How do custom chats work?
We will prepare scripts for the viewers to chat AND also have certain chatters be recurring in your stream. If you have a script, you are more than welcome to provide it.

Where I submit my clips for you guys to edit?
You can post them in your Ticket or DM me the links. We’ll sort this out during our first meeting.

I’m not compatible with my moderator, what do I do?
We can provide you with another moderator that best fits your needs. If 3 mods are not compatible with you, we may have to terminate this feature.
I got accepted into the twitch partner program. Do I have to pay another fee?
Nope! We do not charge any additional fees. Congrats!

I got a Sponsorship offer, should I immediately accept it?
Feel free to contact us for an opinion on sponsorships! We can properly advise you and let you know what your time is really worth.

My views don’t reflect the views on the Sponsor
If you would like to continue with the sponsorship, just be transparent with your audience and let them know how you feel. (ex. Chick-fil-A)

Having my Twitch name as my In Game Name is causing me to get stream sniped!
Stream sniping is a big issue. However, we recommend having a good mental attitude. We understand it is frustrating, but every organic viewer is valuable during this process.