Read First

This Service is for SERIOUS Streamers

If your intentions are to gain partner just to sell your account, you will not have what it takes. We do NOT recommend wasting your time and money.

You Must meet our Requirements!

The ability to stream a minimum of 38 hours per month.
Have a presence on social media. At least 10 followers on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram.
Be willing to sit down and discuss your goals via Voice Chat.

Success Rates

Vtubers – 90%

FPS – Escape from Tarkov – 80%

FPS – Valorant – 70%

Niche – World of Tanks – 50%

FPS – PUBG – 30%

Success Rates Explained

Vtubers(with actual rigging, not PNG) have the highest chance of getting accepted into the Twitch Partner program. 9/10 Vtubers that meet our requirements and follow our instructions get accepted.

8/10 EFT streamers get accepted into the Twitch Partner Program. Skill is required! We encourage you to play easier maps such as Woods & Customs. Your in game name MUST be your twitch name. We also encourage you to play as much Labs as possible. We suggest having a day or two set aside to play with viewers.

While Valorant is heavily saturated we still secure 7/10 val streamers into the partner program. We require at least Gold or higher. Ranked isn’t always required to be played. You MUST put your twitch link in all chat at the end of each game. This helps with the organic side of growth. We will orchestrate collaboration with other streamers in your rank if you do not have friends who play with you. Vtubers + Valorant have a strong chance in getting accepted.

World of Tanks actually has a higher chance in getting accepted then the 50% mentioned above. The community is strong and supportive. We do require a name change to your twitch name.

PUBG has a decent amount of success still in 2023. Skill is required. It absolutely is a dead game and the community is glued to already established pubg streamers. You still will have great odds if you follow our instructions during your meeting.

Discussing your Goals

You will have a 1 on 1 session with me to go over and review your channel. I will review your previous streams and advise you on making changes to your channel. <- This is usually me just cleaning up your panels and social media. We’ll discuss what game you like to play and how you play it. I will gauge your passion for success and give you a general idea of the chance you will have to succeed. Throughout the weeks/months of using our service, I will mentor you and also appear in your chat to watch sometimes.

Premium Explained

Clip Editing – You will send us the links to your clips from your recent stream and we will quickly edit them into 16:9 Ratio for YouTube Shorts & TikTok. We may also add small cuts/transitions to your clips. We may also add subtitles to your clips.

Ad Revenue & Boost – We encourage turning on Ads for your channel. Some, not all, of our bots watch ads. With the premium plan we will ensure you make a minimum of $10 per month on ad revenue. The higher end of Ad revenue would be $50 per month, automatically ensuring a payout.

Dedicated Twitch Moderator – This is a Mod that we pick based on the game you play. This person will try their best to match your stream schedule and help out with your stream. We highly suggest you bond with this individual as their interests should align with yours. They are compensated by us and are well versed in Twitch’s TOS. This will be a person you can trust and rely on. SIDE NOTE: If you purchased a custom plan that focuses on Clip Editing & Social Media Managing; your dedicated moderator will be the manager for your social media.

Sponsored Streams – If you haven’t already, we will get you sponsored streams via Lurkit & StreamElements Sponsorships. At the time of reading this, you may sign up for both. We suggest you make a temporary passwork for Lurkit so that we may login and place bids for you. Depending on your organics, we may secure larger sponsors for you.

Monthly Meetings – We will have a check-in day every month where I assess your statistics and your mental composition. We will discuss your growth and new growth strategies. While we don’t offer refunds, once you’ve started our 3 month program, if you are showing signs of burnout/fatigue we may stop you from proceeding. For these rare cases, we will try to compensate for the unused time or put you on hold until you are ready to continue.

Viewer Issues

While our viewer system is extremely stable, there are issues that may arise. Viewers can drop but should recover before the organic viewers notice. In the small chance that they don’t recover, open a ticket with us immediately so that we can recover them. Viewers should naturally populate your channel 5-30 minutes of starting your stream. They are slowly added.

You are given 300 followers per month. These followers will be spread out through the entire month. If you do not receive any followers by the 3rd stream, contact an Admin so that we may fix it.